Aeration in Bloomington-Normal, IL

Have you noticed your landscaping is starting to look dry, dead and overall, not as lush as it once did? Your business may benefit from an Aeration service. Think of this as a shampoo for your lawn, to restore that lush, beautiful grass.

How does this benefit my landscaping?

  • Aeration takes little plugs of soil from your lawn. In Central Illinois, our soil can get too packed together, which impacts the of grass growth. When those plugs are pulled up, it allows air, water and nutrients to reach roots that were not able to receive those nutrients before.  

When should I Aerate?

  • Fall is a great time because root growth is in its most abundant stage. This is a quick process that will prepare your lawn for the Spring time as Fall leaves turn to Spring pedals.

I said plugs, not pugs!

  • While we all love pugs, it’s best to leave the plugs of soil on the lawn. This allows them to work themselves back into the lawn, slowly. The nutrients and microorganisms from these plugs will make an important contribution to your lawn. But if you have a pug, they will make an important contribution to your happiness.  

What type of price should I expect?

This depends on the size of your lawn! Please visit Core 3 Landscaping to get a free quote today, our service map can also be viewed to see where we will often travel to.


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