Weed Control & Fertilization

As a business owner, we understand you have a long list of things to take care of so leave the lawn care to us.  Weed control and fertilization are vital parts of taking care of your business' appearance and something that needs to not be ignored.  At CORE 3, we create a custom plan for each person based on your properties needs.  Our full service lawn care package includes weed control and fertilization but if you're needing only weed control and fertilization services we can help with that too.

Why is weed control important for your business?
  • A weed problem is an eyesore
    • The way your outside of your business looks is a reflection of how your business operates.  It may be hard to believe but having problematic weeds can be the cause or a detterent to customers to walk up to or try your business out.  
  • A weed problem is time consuming to correct
    • It's hard to consistently deal with fast growing weeds that are trying to invade and we know you don't have the time.  There are many different types of weeds and our professionals can identify the types and give special treatments and we know just how often it should be applied.
Fertilizing Your Property

Grass needs nutrition in order to grow and stay healthy.  Our experts understand that your property is unique so we tailor our services based on your business needs.  Fertilization is an important part of protecting your investment.  Here are the main reasons you need to fertilize:

  • Lawn Fertilizer works with important nutrients in soil
    • Overtime your soil naturally loses nutrients needed to survive
  • Fertilizer is needed just as much as sunshine and water
    • Soil needs Phosphorous, Nitrate and Potassium just like we need food
  • Your plants will grow faster
    • You'll get better and faster results
  • It's cost effective
    • Cost is always a concern but we do our best to only do what is needed for your business and have affordable prices


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