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Professional Services Offered by Core 3 Maintenance & Landscaping

Professional Services Offered by Core 3 Maintenance & Landscaping

Core 3 Maintenance and Landscaping is a professional team composed of expert landscapers, certified HVAC technicians, master painters, and other skilled workers led by experienced commercial property maintenance managers who understand all aspects of keeping places of business well-maintained inside and out. With a broad range of experience and market knowledge, our company consistently maintains a high level of service in every job that we take on — whether for our commercial clients or multi-family housing owners who want to keep their establishments beautiful and operational. Through our responsive and efficient services, your commercial property can be your greatest business asset in achieving your goals.


At Core 3 Maintenance and Landscaping, we believe that your needs come first. That is why we keep an open line of communication in order to know what you really need. From the initial consultation to follow ups with your maintenance plan, you can be assured that we will answer your every e-mail and phone calls quickly and efficiently. We place emphasis on understanding your requirements and going the extra mile to exceed your expectations. In this way, you can have reliable commercial maintenance services that will significantly improve your place of business. For example, our emergency service is available 24 hours a day all year round.


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Who Do We Serve in Central Illinois?


Core 3 Maintenance and Landscaping is primarily a B2B firm serving different kinds of commercial spaces including multi-family housing complexes. We understand the importance of keeping a place of business well-maintained, so we only provide quality maintenance and landscaping services so that commercial establishments can function as they should.


Commercial Property Maintenance and Landscaping

Business owners handle a lot of different aspects in their enterprises. Maintenance and landscaping should be two aspects that must be outsourced to a trusted company with years of experience in keeping places of business not only attractive but also operational. Core 3 Maintenance and Landscaping knows that a good commercial space is conducive to business, productivity, and efficiency. Workers are more motivated to work, and clients are more inclined to do business. Thus, we make sure that when customers and employees walk into a commercial establishment, they feel comfortable, happy, and content.


Multi-family Property Maintenance and Landscaping

Core 3 Maintenance and Landscaping understands the challenges of owning or managing multi-family housing such as townhomes, apartment buildings, or condominiums. That is why we'd like to help property owners and managers in their regular maintenance tasks. We make sure that residents live comfortably in well-maintained apartments, as landlords or housing superintendents address their different needs with our help. In fact, we draw our expertise from our extensive experience with apartment management, as we maintain over 1000 units of our own. These apartments are among the best in the market, so multi-family housing owners can be assured that a reliable company with expertise in the field apartment management is handling their needs.    


What Do We Offer?

We provide general building and lawn maintenance services, addressing common and not-so-common issues related to the improvement of your business premises. Specifically, we specialize in the following:


Lawn Mowing

Core 3 Maintenance and Landscaping cares about how the outside of your business looks. Therefore, we perform regular lawn mowing to keep your lawn beautiful and your premises pleasing to the eye. In addition to professional mowing, our lawn care services include fertilization, spring and fall cleanup, aeration, tree and bush planting and replacement, and a variety of other landscaping tasks that maintain the beauty of your place of business.  


Snow Removal

In the winter, we switch gears from performing quality landscaping tasks to ensuring prompt and thorough snow removal. Through reliable snow removal methods and de-icing techniques, it's "business as usual" despite the pileup of snow from the night before. We will reach your place of business or apartment building before you open so that snow can be cleared before people start moving in and out of your premises. Furthermore, our snow removal service is in line with our goals of keeping business districts and neighborhoods safe.


HVAC Servicing and Repair

Ambient air conditions are important to any place of business. They provide comfort and convenience not only to your clients but also to your employees. Thus, an operational and energy-efficient HVAC system is an important part of a commercial building or space. Core 3 addresses your HVAC servicing needs by providing regular preventive maintenance to avoid failure or appliance repair when your heating or cooling devices are defective. 


Professional Painting

Painting the exterior and interior of your place of business or multi-family housing complex can dramatically improve its aesthetic appeal. There is no doubt that a beautiful place of business attracts customers and thus generates revenue. Therefore, if your commercial building or space is due for a professional paint job, then you must not delay getting one from Core 3 Maintenance and Landscaping. Our quality painting services are also quick and efficient to minimize disruption to your operations.


Professional Maintenance and Landscaping Services

Core 3 Maintenance and Landscaping aims to help improve your business through quality services. We protect the value of your investment with attentive maintenance, addressing your commercial property’s maintenance needs on a continual basis to prevent problems from occurring. Our experienced and trained professionals are ready to respond quickly to requests. Get in touch with us today to formulate a maintenance plan for your business.


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