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A functioning HVAC system is essential for a place of business in today's world, which is why at Core 3 we emphasize timely and efficient repair, because we know that time is money. The sooner we're out of your hair, the sooner your business can get back into its normal routine. Click the button below to view our HVAC services and get a free quote for your repairs.


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commercial hvac repair


In achieving your business goals, the importance of a comfortable place of business cannot be stressed enough. Ambient air conditions must be provided all the time by a reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Also, business owners understand that the two most important resources are employees and clients. Not only do they comprise the operations of your business, but they also interact with each other to result in a sale, which in turn results in profit. Therefore, their comfort and convenience are of utmost importance. In this regard, a correctly functioning HVAC system is an important business component. Many business owners may not be aware of the importance of commercial HVAC in the workplace, so we're here to show and help them succeed through an efficient HVAC system providing quality air conditions.


At Core 3 Maintenance and Landscaping, we understand that no one wants to enter an office building or a restaurant and breathe in thick, stale air. This poor air condition is going to put potential customers off immediately. Thus, we make sure that your place of business smells and feels fresh through quality air provided by a correctly configured HVAC system. Study findings show that people want to stay longer in a place where they can breathe better, as good air keeps them invigorated. Business owners will greatly benefit from a professional commercial HVAC team such as Core 3 Maintenance and Landscaping addressing any issues with their HVAC systems. Through our quality HVAC services, your business can have cool or warm air whenever needed, and your workers and clients can be happy and comfortable.


Professional HVAC Technicians


Core 3 Maintenance and Landscaping will never be short of any HVAC technician ready to tackle any job regardless of size. Through certifications that validate our capabilities in handling your HVAC systems, we prove that we can correctly install, repair, replace, or maintain any of the top names in HVAC equipment and systems in any commercial setting. Whether you need professionals to work on your air conditioning systems that are malfunctioning in the summer or experts who can address your heating issues in the cold months, you can rely on our HVAC technicians to get the job done. We follow blueprints and other design specifications in the installation or repair of HVAC systems. Also, we study and integrate systems into fuel and water supply lines, air ducts, and other components.


As HVAC professionals, we also install electrical wiring and controls. Thereafter, we test for proper operation, inspect for possible issues that may arise, and address the potential problem head on so that you can have a properly working HVAC system that is highly reliable. For maintenance, we inspect the different components of the system, such as boilers, heaters (whether gas or electric), furnaces, air conditioning units, ductwork, and others, to ensure correct and energy-efficient operation. In this way, we make sure that your heating and air conditioning systems efficiently control the temperature, humidity, and overall air quality in your place of business or multi-family housing complex.


Service Areas: Commercial HVAC Repair


Core 3 Maintenance and Landscaping has a wide service area that spans across Central IL. We serve cities and communities such as Bloomington, NormalTowanda, DanversHudson, and we work hard to maintain a good relationship with businesses and apartment managers in the area. Through our valued services, business establishments and landscapes can be made beautiful to attract customers and enhance the surroundings. Core 3 Maintenance and Landscaping wants your business to look and work its best, so our processes are streamlined to provide the best services possible, whether building maintenance, lawn mowing, or HVAC services. By providing a climate-controlled environment, our HVAC systems make it possible for customers and employees to transact in hot or cold weather conditions. Core 3 is the best company to turn to for reliable HVAC services in Central IL.


HVAC Services For Commercial Properties In Bloomington IL


In addition to the 1,100 residential units - including apartments, homes, townhomes and condominiums - we offer and our snow removal services, our work includes HVAC services for commercial properties in Bloomington IL. We recognize that our workload keeps us busy, and maybe we have to work more hours than others in the industry, but we see it as our way of thanking a community that has been good to us. For those seeking HVAC services for commercial properties, you won't find better service than Core 3.


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Reliable HVAC Services by Core 3 Maintenance and Landscaping

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