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By enlisting the services of Core 3, you're not only making your professional life easier, you're also making an investment that will pay dividends for your business. Focus on your priority items, and let our specialists do the work we do best. To take the first step in improving the reputation and well-being of your business with landscaping services from Core 3, click one of the buttons below.


What is included in our landscaping services?

As part of our committment to helping your business look its best, we include basic lawn mowing, fertilization, spring and fall clean-up, as well as aeration in our maintenance package.  All of our multi-family or commercial landscape management contracts are prepared on a customized basis. One of our qualified estimators will visit the property to obtain an actual site analysis. Once the information is gathered, he/she will draw up a customized contract that meets the needs of the client. 


Different care for each season: while the bulk of our work and planting is done in the spring and early summer, there are certain plants that need special care in the summer and fall months. Many plants are still growing during the fall, which makes the winter preparation stage crucial. Come fall, there is also a lot more clean-up necessary as leaves begin falling from trees.


Plant and horticultural care: in addition to basic mowing and trimming, we look after any and all plants on a client's property. We include mulching as part of bed care, which also includes weed removal. We'll add fertilizer to both grass and plants, which will helps plants thrive. We'll remove any pests that could prove harmful to your lawn, including grubs or chinch bugs. Our team will also help treat common lawn diseases like red thread, rust, and dollar spots.


Irrigation & aeration: first, our team will conduct an audit on your property's irrigation system to make sure all components including sprinkler heads are working properly. Second, our team will aerate the property as necessary to ensure that air, water, and nutrients can reach plant and grass roots.


Optional enhancements: speak with us if you'd like to plant trees, build a decorative rock wall, or make any other cosmetic additions to your property. 


Cost of Commercial Landscaping 

While we price each project on a custom basis due to the varying nature of commercial properties, there are a few things we keep in mind in terms of pricing. When it comes to cost, we'll consider the following factors.


Size: how much ground our grew has to cover is a primary factor in pricing. The larger the property, the more your fuel, labor, and material costs will increase.


Frequency: we schedule work on a contract basis for the entire landscape maintenance season, which is 38 to 40 weeks long. Our crew will likely visit around 30 times during that period, though this depends on the size of the property and the amount of work required. As you might guess, a lower frequency will probably equate to a lower cost, while a higher frequency will likely lead to an increase.


Scope: the scope of work required from our team is the third factor we consider in our pricing. Below, we detail the components of our landscaping services. Depending on how much your property requires, we'll adjust our quote accordingly.




When Do We Start?

Landscaping is a year round process. We begin planting in the spring, and as the grass grows we begin trimming, edging, and clean up. Over the summer we keep the grass at an optimal length (approximately 3") which helps the grass to remain healthy and plush. We make sure any trees receive proper nutrients and trim as needed. Now is the ideal time for any sort of retaining wall or decorative structures. In the fall we continue caring for the landscape but also begin to prepare for winter. There is also a lot more clean up during the fall. 


What Areas Do We Serve?

We primarily work in Bloomington-Normal, but we also serve the surrounding areas, including towns like Towanda, Downs, and Danvers. Our focus is on commercial property, and we've helped a number of Bloomington businesses to put their best foot forward.


Why Is Commercial Landscaping Important? What Are The Benefits?

The primary benefit of properly maintaining your property's landscape is the visual impact you'll have on potential customers. They want to see a business that has it all together, and a well-kept landscape is the first thing customers will see when they visit. Further, a well-kept landscape has been shown to increase workplace morale and productivity, as it helps create a conducive atmosphere for employees.


How To Hire A Commercial Landscaping Service: Tips & Tricks

So, you've decided to hire a landscape service but maybe now you're wondering what the next step is. Below, we've summarized the four step process for hiring a professional landscape service.


  • Evaluate your property's needs
  • Establish specifications
  • Go out for bid
  • Choose the service that can best serve your property


In short, begin by evaluating your specific landscape needs and work from there. Eventually, you'll want to get several bids (at least three to five) so you can make a decision on the service who best fits your needs. You'll also want to get bids long before spring season (ideally, you'll have all your bids in by October 31 of the year before the contract is to begin and a decision made by November 30 of that year), as most landscaping services will be booked long before spring starts.


Some of the basic specifications that you should include in your bid package are: the contract time frame, spring and fall clean-up details, areas to be mulched, the number of shrub and tree trimmings you want included, the number of weekly cuttings for the season, fertilization needs and any special areas of concern.


Before you make a decison, it is also a good idea to drive through several of the properties currently being maintained by your prospects. If the references check out and the properties look good, you will want to meet with the remaining candidates. Once you've looked at each competitor's references and seen their properties, you'll make an informed decision based on which one you think will take the best care of your business' lawn.


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Why Hire Core 3 For Commercial Landscaping in Bloomington IL?

Core 3 has called Bloomington IL home for a number of years, though we also serve several of its surrounding areas. We work primarly with commercial properties, and we don't leave until the work is finished and finished properly.


Our landscaping services are comprehensive, and it all begins with the time we invest into thorough lawn care. That starts with the basics: removing weeds before they pop up, mowing high enough to avoid damage to the grass, watering and feeding at the optimal times, etc. Our diligence makes our landscaping services that much more effective. We work to offer the best and most comprehensive package of any landscape service in the area, and we sweat every last detail until the job is done.



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Will landscaping increase my property value?

Having your lawn professionally landscaped will almost certainly add to your property's value. If you're not sure of how big an investment you want to make, we advise you start with some of the more basic renovations: a winding flagstone walkway, stone planters, a deciduous tree about 15 feet tall, and quality mulch.


Regular mowing will help keep your business looking nice, which will be good for potential customers as well as you and your employees. After all, it's a lot easier to love a property with a clean, well-kept lawn, isn't it?


Not looking for landscaping in Bloomington IL? Feel free to browse our other services by clicking the button below! We also encourage you to speak with us for any construction or property management needs.

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