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For most businesses, the lawn is one of the first things visitors will see. It helps set the tone for any conversations afterward. Professional lawn services from Core 3 will help you convey the fact that you are someone who gets things done. We specialize in commercial, industrial, and multi-tenant residential communities. From planting shrubs to lawn mowing to fertilizing, we do it all. To learn more about what we do, click the button below.

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What's Included with Commercial Lawn Care From Core 3?

  • Lawn analysis and treatment assessment. The right lawn care service examines the current health and condition of your lawn and creates a unique treatment plan to improve and maintain the health and look of your grass, regardless of seasonal changes or unpredictable weather conditions.
  • Fertilization. Lawn care service should help keep your grass lush, green and beautiful, providing incredible curb appeal, by using various nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, etc.
  • Insect and weed control. Great lawn care works hard on preventing and controlling the spread of various weeds and pests as they pop up on your lawn throughout the year.  
  • Soil aeration and other services. Services such as soil aeration that give your soil room to breathe and your grass room to grow. Aeration helps create a stronger, more vigorous lawn by perforating the soil with small holes, allowing more air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots. The best time for aeration is during the growing season, when the grass can heal and fill in any open areas after soil plugs are removed.

Why Is Commercial Lawn Care Important?


The power of first impressions: When a potential customer sees a beautiful, inviting landscape, they are more likely to form a positive image of your business before stepping inside. A well-maintained landscape will help you sustain a strong public image all year round.
Increased property value: Apartment complexes, nursing homes or assisted living communities, live/work developments, office parks- these types of businesses all benefit from being able to show off their beautiful lawns, gardens, tree-lined pathways, and other outdoor areas that would appeal to potential tenants.
Safety and security: Regular tree service decreases the risk of fallen limbs damaging customers’ or residents' vehicles during severe weather, while proper shrub trimming and other landscaping can make your property less inviting to thieves.

Cost Of Commercial Lawn Care in Bloomington IL?

While at first you might balk at the cost of commercial lawn care, the reality is that a reputable company will price their services at a price point that makes a lot of sense. 


Buying and maintaining your own collection of professional lawn care equipment can be a very expensive and time-consuming prospect. You'd be on the hook for both upfront cost of equipment as well as any maintenance or repair costs that come up. It can be a much more cost-effective option to hire someone who already has the needed equipment and will bring it out with them to perform your lawn maintenance.

In addition to the cost-effective nature of commercial lawn service, another advantage comes is its environmental benefit. One concern with lawn care is the impact of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.  A knowledgable lawn maintenance service company will have trained and experienced technicians on hand to assess exactly what products your lawn needs and apply the right product in the right amount to ensure the local ecosystem isn’t adversely affected.


Further, catching a problem before it spreads is the best way to prevent a large-scale (and costly) issue. However, it's hard to do that without a trained eye and close inspection of the lawn, which may be difficult to do while also managing the affairs of a business. A professional lawn care technician has the knowledge necessary to note these subtle differences in your lawn early enough, and has the equipment necessary to determine what’s causing the issue so that treatment is likely to succeed.


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Advantages of Hiring a Professional Lawn Service

A commercial lawn service will assign a team or individual members to the specific needs of your business. They will assess your specific landscaping needs and desires, and implement a method to make sure you receive your desired results consistently each time they come out to perform your lawn maintenance services.
Securing a high quality landscape maintenance team means you reduce future landscape expenses by keeping your property in optimal health. You'll find yourself less likely to have to pay for costly removal and replacement due to dead grass, unkempt and overgrown landscape gardens, and untrimmed and unstable trees.
Ongoing commercial landscape maintenance provides peace of mind and extra time, which are very much needed in today's busy world. Landscape maintenance becomes a source of comfort and relief, knowing a major and time consuming task is delegated to landscape, tree and lawn experts who can handle the job with skill and efficiency. Finally, commercial landscape maintenance results in the protection of property values and an increase in aesthetic value.
We also encourage you to speak with us for any construction or property management needs.

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