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Mowing Services, The First Step in Commercial Lawn Care | Bloomington IL

A well-kept lawn is the single most noticeable exterior feature of a high-performing business or welcoming apartment complex. Even so, there are only so many hours in the day — most business owners and property managers don't have the time to focus on their lawn. The professionals at Core 3 Maintenance & Landscaping can take care of your business' exterior, and you can focus on the things at the top of your priority list. Sound like a win-win? If so, click the link below to learn more about our expert mowing services.


More About Our Mowing Services


Who We Serve

We provide commercial mowing services in Bloomington IL to homeowner associations (HOAs), business complexes, doctor's offices, hospitals, restaurants, as well as student housing and other commercial properties. We work with property managers including housing and apartment managers to ease their workload and keep their properties in top shape.


If you are a multi-family housing manager and are searching for a professional firm to perform mowing tasks, then look no further. Core 3 Maintenance and Landscaping offers quality mowing services to keep your premises beautiful and appealing. We employ only the best mowing techniques in the industry to deliver efficient jobs that minimize disruption and disturbance to your tenants. As we perform professional mowing services, we keep in mind not only your profitability but also the well-being of your residents. Thus, we ensure quality work every time we mow the lawns of apartment complexes. We recognize the need of people for a wide, beautiful space to spend time in, so we ensure a clean and healthy living environment by regularly mowing lawns of apartment buildings to the best of our abilities.


What's Included In Our Standard Lawn Mowing Service?

Maybe you've decided that commercial lawn mowing makes sense for your business, but you're not quite sure what service from Core 3 would entail. In short: 


Basic lawn mowing:

At the very least, it's crucial that your business property be mowed and kept to a reasonable height. Having a well-kept and eye-catching landscape can help drive business by offering an open and welcoming atmosphere. 


To preserve the grass and avoid weed growth, we keep the grass around 3" high and never cut more than 1/3 of the blade at a time. We'll also alternate mowing patterns to prevent creating tire marks or imprints. We keep the grass at that height so it will be healthier, look better, and hold up better during the hot summer months.


Spring and Fall Cleanup:

Lawn mowing wouldn't be complete if your grass wasn't cleaned up afterward. Our service includes blowing clippings off driveways, sidewalks, & patios. We also trim around trees, bushes, and other shrubbery. Lastly, we include edging by sidewalks and other bits of pavement to put the finishing touch on your property's lawn.


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Commercial Mowing Rates

Regarding prices and packages, we'd love to speak with you and learn more about your property in order to determine a fair rate per acre. Our pricing is competitive and we're determined to provide the best value of any commercial lawn mowing service in town. We also encourage you to speak with us for any construction or property management needs.


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Professional Lawn Mowing |Bloomington-Normal IL

If you're considering a commercial lawn mowing service, you'll want to think about the items on your to-do list and items you'd like to move to someone else's list (think: a professional).  If this is the case, our services may be right up your alley.
You'll also want to consider the status of your equipment. Is yours in good shape? Do you have space for additional equipment if you needed it? Will you be satisfied with the quality of your work, or would you prefer that someone else handle the more detailed aspects of the work? If you don't have the time or the proper tools, your best bet is to reach out to experts who will make sure your commercial property looks its best every single day.

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