Aeration Services

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Aeration Services

If you’re looking for lawn care in Bloomington, Illinois we have you covered!  Live in Normal, Peoria, Lexington or Springfield?  We have your back as well!  While we do full service lawn care for most of our clients, we are happy to do small custom jobs as well like aeration.


What is Aeration?


When we come out to aerate a lawn, we bring equipment that pulls plugs of soil from your lawn. In Illinois, our soil tends to compact and stifle grass growth over time, so when we reduce the compaction with an aerator, we are allowing air, water and nutrients to reach the roots.


Why do I need to Aerate my lawn?


Aeration is vital for your lawn to remain healthy or to restore your lawn to health.

Aeration helps to improve the infiltration of water/nutrients, encouraging deeper roots, and creating a healthier lawn environment.


When is a good time to Aerate?


Fall is the best time to aerate and seed because the majority of the root growth is in the fall.


How much does aeration cost?


The cost of aerating your lawn, property or business depends on the size.  Please email us so we can give you a custom quote for free!


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