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Landscaping Ideas to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Looking to invest in a bit of landscaping to enhance your curb appeal? Creating an awe-inspiring street-side view will make any prospective buyer fall head over heels in love with your abode the moment they pull into your driveway. But even if you aren't selling your property, landscaping can add a great deal of style and personality to your home, making it a nicer place to live and increasing …

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What to plant next to your pool

Having a pool can be extremely handy, especially when you’re wanting to improve your tan or trying to cool off on the hot summer days. However, not everyone always wants to be seen when using their pool. It also can be nice to spice up the landscaping by your pool, so you can have a great view to look at while soaking up the sun. There are certain plants …

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6 Ways to Bring Life to your Landscape for Summer

For everything, there is a season, and the season for breathing new life into your landscape is now. With summer here, it's time to think about how your yard can dress to impress in the coming months.

Whether you're trying to catch potential renters' eyes with an attractive landscape, impress your summer party guests or attract clients to your business, these tips will have your lawn and garden looking their …

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Landscaping for Apartment Buildings Bloomington, IL

When owning or managing an apartment building it's not only important on what’s on the inside, but also the outside. For the outside of an apartment, potential residents have a first impression on what to expect. So, it’s important that your building meets and exceeds the standards. One great way to accomplish this is by using landscaping to your advantage. Here are 4 ways of using landscaping …

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Brightening your Business with Landscape Lighting

As the winter solstice approaches December 21st our days are getting darker, earlier...if you happen to be terrible at directions or uncoordinated like I am, this can be hard with finding your way around. So how do you spare your customers the awkwardness of stalking your business trying to find the address? Light it up!


Don’t worry, you don’t need a big marquee to light up your business, here are …

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What's Fall Got to do with It?

I’m sure Tina Turner would agree, Fall is one of those months we all get excited for.  As a business owner, with a lot on your mind prepping for Fall, you may not be thinking about your landscaping and that’s ok because that’s all we think about.  As fall comes and goes, your business may need some help for your curb appeal, after all, this is what your customers will …

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5 Things to Know About DIY Paver Patios

Wait!...What are patio pavers anyways?

Patio pavers are a great way to keep your space unique to you! You can customize your patio using unique paver types such as natural stone or concrete in different styles like herringbone or a more modern approach with neutral colors in square shapes spaced out with a spunky rocks filled in between pavers.


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5 Benefits of Mulching

5 Benefits of Mulching

July 7, 2020 @ 2:12 pm by Brooke Carver

Using mulch for your small business or your home can provide many benefits for your soil and plants. It can also help you save money and worry less about having to keeping up with you garden/landscaping. Here are 5 reasons why you should use mulch!


Helps Prevent Weeds

            Having weeds is one of the most annoying things when having a garden. …

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