5 Benefits of Mulching

5 Benefits of Mulching
July 7, 2020 @ 2:12 pm by Brooke Carver

Using mulch for your small business or your home can provide many benefits for your soil and plants. It can also help you save money and worry less about having to keeping up with you garden/landscaping. Here are 5 reasons why you should use mulch!


Helps Prevent Weeds

            Having weeds is one of the most annoying things when having a garden. By having mulch, it allows your landscaping to minimize weeds! Mulch can act almost like a barrier and stop the sunlight reaching the weeds.

Keep Your Plants Hydrated

            As I said before, mulch acts like a barrier which can also prevent evaporation from happening. Especially when it’s dry and hot outside, it’s important to make sure your plants have the moisture they need. Also, by having mulch keep moisture levels alive, it can save you money on your water bill! Who wants to keep watering their plants over and over again when you have a cheaper option?

Keeps Roots Cool and Warm When Needed

            During these hot summer days, just as I previously mentioned, your plants must have moisture. It is also important that the roots of the plants do not get overheated. Mulch allows the roots to stay cool during the summertime. Also, during the winter, mulch keeps the roots warm, so there won’t be anything to worry about for your plants year-round!

Helps Soil Fertility

            Organic mulch, such as wood chips and leaves, contain nutrients and minerals that can help feed and deliver those nutrients to the plants living in the area covered by it. This can happen through rain or whenever the mulch breaks down a little bit.

Say Bye-Bye to Pests

             The natural oils and scent from mulch can help deter any unwanted bugs from your garden. Using inorganic mulch or stone around your plants can also help repel any termites that want to get in. Using mulch can help your precious plants be untouched from scary and damaging pests.


Using mulch allows your plants to be hydrated and unharmed. Whether it’s organic or inorganic mulch, it provides many benefits for you and your beloved plants. Contact Core 3 today for your lawn care/landscaping needs at (309) 808-2125 or info@core3ml.com!

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