5 Things to Know About DIY Paver Patios

5 Things to Know About DIY Paver Patios
July 17, 2020 @ 10:31 am by Elizabeth Lopez Hernandez

Wait!...What are patio pavers anyways?

Patio pavers are a great way to keep your space unique to you! You can customize your patio using unique paver types such as natural stone or concrete in different styles like herringbone or a more modern approach with neutral colors in square shapes spaced out with a spunky rocks filled in between pavers.

                1. Patios using pavers are great for differing budgets!

One of the best things about creating your own patio is you can stick to a budget goal easily. There are many different options based on budget, and there is the possibility to add onto your patio in the future, so it can be a growing project without anyone realizing! If you decide to do your own DIY patio, there are sites that can help you create a cost estimate such as home advisor or Lowe’s material calculator.

                2. Creating a patio with pavers is simple and quick

Even for the beginner DIY artists, creating a patio can be easy to do with the right tools. In an article by Home Depot there are suggested tools and materials to build your patio using pavers and fillers and gives detailed instructions on a basic but stylish patio design. Click here to view the design steps!


                3. There are different materials of pavers

Like most products, there are different materials for pavers you can use.  When you begin your search, you will likely see natural stone, brick and concrete the most.


Natural stone are very weather resistant, absorbent and low maintenance. While you may not want to lay natural stone in an area you constantly throw heavy objects such as bagged soil (which may cause the stone to break due to the pressure of the bag), you may consider using it around a pool or walkway.


Brick pavers are mostly made of clay, but could also have aggregate, which are small and big rocks squeezed together through pressure, or concrete which are cemented small and big rocks. While bricks can be used with different colors, they are also strong and can be designed with a water drainage system or with sealants for lower maintenance. Bricks may experience weather damaged and are more expensive than concrete, but less expensive than natural stone.

Concrete pavers may be one of the most diverse style possibilities, since they can be sealed to hold almost any color, and can be colored to copy other materials, such as brick or natural stone. Concrete has the possibility to be designed with different patterns, textures and colors. While concrete pavers are the most cost friendly, they are more susceptible to weather damage such as cracks from moisture freezing and expanding, much like our roads. While this may be helped with a sealant the concrete can be easily replaced.

                4.  You can create any design pattern you want!

When you look up the different patio designs the possibilities are endless! While you can choose one of these designs, you can always personalize your pattern into something that is special to you.

While there are some patterns listed, you can personalize the way you lay your pavers and there are many more patterns to find through research and by creating your own ideas!

                5. Show off your creativity!

Patios can be used to showcase an area, so if you are looking to emphasize a space, this is a great way to do so. Do you have a unique firepit, or are you looking for an entertainment space for friends and family? Not only are patios a great way to accentuate your space, but they may increase property value if you are looking to sell your home.


Don’t have time for your own DIY?

Check out Core 3’s Landscaping services. Core 3 has a wide scope of services including apartments and houses for rent, property management, residential and commercial real estate, construction and landscaping. If you do not have time to do your own DIY Patio, hire us! We’re happy to give a free quote and take a look at the services our company has to offer by clicking here.

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