What's Fall Got to do with It?

What's Fall Got to do with It?
September 21, 2020 @ 4:05 pm by Elizabeth Lopez-Hernandez

I’m sure Tina Turner would agree, Fall is one of those months we all get excited for.  As a business owner, with a lot on your mind prepping for Fall, you may not be thinking about your landscaping and that’s ok because that’s all we think about.  As fall comes and goes, your business may need some help for your curb appeal, after all, this is what your customers will be seeing when they come to your front door.  Here’s some info on how we can help make sure Fall Clean Up isn’t a second hand emotion ;).

  • What is a Fall Clean Up?
    • Debris clearing: Leaves, branches and anything else on the lawn
    • Fertilization
    • Weed Control
    • Winterize: Garden beds, trees and shrubs
    • Pruning
    • Aeration
  • Why does my Business need this?

Fall Clean Up helps prepares your business for Winter and Spring, ensuring that you spend less because you're protecting your property. This not only shows that you take pride in your business and want to present your best for your customers, but it protects your business from any difficulties from having too many leaves over the parking lot, or seeing your plants and trees dying from weather exposure.

  • What’s the first step in hiring a Landscaper for Fall help?

Almost all landscape companies give free quotes.  You can reach out individually to separate companies to get those quotes or if they reach out to you, let them know when you’re accepting bids.  The quote will include a detailed description of what they will do including cost.

To get a quote from CORE 3, go here.

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