Landscaping for Apartment Buildings Bloomington, IL

Landscaping for Apartment Buildings Bloomington, IL
February 16, 2021 @ 1:20 pm by Brooke Carver

When owning or managing an apartment building it's not only important on what’s on the inside, but also the outside. For the outside of an apartment, potential residents have a first impression on what to expect. So, it’s important that your building meets and exceeds the standards. One great way to accomplish this is by using landscaping to your advantage. Here are 4 ways of using landscaping to make your apartment building stand out.


1 - Plants and Flowers

One of the most common ways to add color and beauty is with flowers or plants. By adding plants or flowers to your outside area, this brings liveliness and a welcoming feel to it. If there’s not really any color or a pop of something extra, the apartment can have a bland and boring tone to it. It can make someone feel like they aren’t at home and cause them to not have an interest in living there.


2 - Trees

Now that I’ve talked about how flowers and plants can improve the look and feel of an apartment building, I can also say the same for trees. Usually people don’t really think about how much trees can add to your outside, but it can provide shade and a welcoming feel to it (just like flowers!). Now, you don’t want to go too crazy on the trees, but having a couple planted, depending on your apartment size, will help attract people to the building and provide great shade!


3 - Lighting

Adding light is extremely important. This not only provides more safety, but it also is a simple touch that can go a long way. If the outside looks dark and gloomy, that can cause a negative and even a scary feel to it. The last place someone wants to live is somewhere unsafe and dark. This can easily be done with solar lights. You can get them in all shapes and size to fit your specific style and vibe you are going for.


4 - A Hangout Area

Having somewhere people can meet up, eat, or just enjoy nature is a great aspect to add. This can involve something as simple as landscaping some stone, brick, or concrete, adding lights around it, and a bench or chairs to relax in. You could also add a grilling area. This provides an opportunity for tenants to make friends and feel more at home!


Landscaping the outside of your apartment building will provide a homey, happy, and friendly feel to it. Everyone wants to feel at home and safe wherever they live. Need help with your building in Bloomington, IL?  Core 3 Landscaping can help you attract potential tenants while increasing the worth of your property. Call or email us at (309) 808-2125 or


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