What to plant next to your pool

What to plant next to your pool
June 8, 2021 @ 4:30 pm by Brooker Carver

Having a pool can be extremely handy, especially when you’re wanting to improve your tan or trying to cool off on the hot summer days. However, not everyone always wants to be seen when using their pool. It also can be nice to spice up the landscaping by your pool, so you can have a great view to look at while soaking up the sun. There are certain plants and trees that can provide all the privacy or scenery you need! Here is a list of different trees, grass, and plants that would be a perfect fit for your pool.

Trees & Shrubs

Hinoki Cypress

            These tall trees will give you all the privacy you need, while still giving a great look to your pool. Most typically grow from 2 to 25 feet in height. This can give you a great unique look while adding texture and privacy to your pool area!

Japanese Maple

            These beautiful small trees/shrubs will make an amazing accent to your pool. They are known for changing their pretty warm colors and having a unique shape to them.

Ornamental Grass

Deer Grass      

This grass provides a nice and full look! It’s very easy to keep up with during your busy days. It can go a long time without water, but wont mind if you water it while giving your other plants some hydration.

Purple Love Grass

            Not only is the name cute, but so is the grass. This grass provides a nice and gentle pop of a reddish-purple tone to your blue pool. This grass also does not need a lot of attention to it, so it can allow you to not stress over losing any plants!


Blackfoot Daisy

            This flower will definitely stand out with its signature white petals and yellow center. This is a very simple look that can go so far when wanting a new scenery for your pool.

Martha Washington Geranium

            These gorgeous flowers will  brighten your pool area. They can be red, pink, purple, or white. (My favorite is the pink!) If you’re wanting to add some color, then I highly recommend these. They have thick pigmented petals that will leave you and your guests in awe.

All these trees, grass, and plants can add a certain pizzazz or comfort for you while you’re out enjoying the nice water on these hot days. If your wanting more privacy or to spice up your pool area, contact Core 3 today to let us help you get the landscape you desire! Call us (309) 808-2125 or email us info@core3ml.com

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