Landscaping / Lawn Care

Commercial & Residential Landscaping in Bloomington, IL

Core 3 Maintenance & Landscaping offers a wide variety of commercial & residential lawn Care and landscaping services in Bloomingtonl, Illinois and the surrounding communities. We service multi-family housing, business complexes, offices, commercial development, and even HOAs.


Our services are comprehensive and personalized to your property, which means we won’t waste your time or money on services you don’t require. We’ll propose the options that make the most sense for your property and carry them out to the highest standard of quality.


 Our Landscaping / Lawn Care services include:

  • Basic lawn mowing
  • Fertilization
  • Spring Cleanup
  • Fall Cleanup
  • Aeration
  • Mulch Installation
  • Weed Control
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Tree and bush planting and replacement
  • Retaining Wall building
  • Weed Control Services
  • Patio/Porch additions
  • Plus a variety of other services. 


Lawncare Service Pricing and Frequency

The price and frequency of our services depend on the size of your property and the amount of rain we get. From weekly, bi-weekly to monthly, we will adjust accordingly to the needs of your property.


In the Winter Time, we switch gears ensuring prompt and thorough snow removal and ice management.


Learn More About Snow Removal


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