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Core 3 Landscaping & Maintenance is focused on providing quality landscaping, snow removal and maintenance services. All of these services are customized based on your needs.  Whether you need only snow removal during winter or just maintenance work on your commercial property throughout the year -- our services can be packaged together or separately.  


Core 3 offers a wide variety of commercial and residential lawn care and landscaping services in Bloomington, Illinois and the surrounding areas. Services are provided for multi-family housing, business complexes, offices, commercial development, and even HOAs.


Core 3 has called Bloomington-Normal home for a number of years. Focused primarily on commercial properties, Core 3 won’t leave until the work is finished and finished properly.


Available landscaping services are comprehensive, and it all begins with the time we invest into thorough lawn care. That starts with the basics: removing weeds before they pop up, mowing high enough to avoid damage to the grass and feeding at the optimal times, etc. Our diligence makes landscaping services that are much more effective. Core 3 works to offer the best and most comprehensive package of any landscape service in the area, and we sweat every last detail until the job is done.


Core 3 was founded in 2011 as Core 3 Property Management, and originally focused solely on property management activities. As their management portfolio grew the opportunity to offer the additional services of maintenance / landscaping and construction services became a natural complementary service offering. 


Core 3's other company services include construction, apartment and house rental, commercial real estate services, residential real estate and property management.


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